Spagetti with creamy mint lemon sauce

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I once ate this Pasta dish in Famous „Mädchenitaliener“ in Berlin Mitte and just could`t get it out of my mind. The combination of mint and pasta sounded a bit strange at first but its just super delicious in combination with lemon, garlic and shrimp. And its so fast to make, literally just takes you the time that it takes to cook the pasta but still is a bit different than you usual fast pasta.


Spagetti with creamy mint lemon sauce

2 portions

250 g spagetti

150 g shrimp

50-70 ml cream

2 tabelspoons olive oil

1 hand full of fresh mint leafes

lemon zest from ½ lemon

salt , pepper

1 big garlic glove cut in slices

  • Cook the spagetti in 2 liters of water with some salt al dente
  • While the Pasta is cooking bring the oil to heat in a pan , ad the shrimp, stir till slightly brown and than ad the garlic for another 2 minutes. Whatch out that the garlic is not burning else it turns bitter.
  • Switch oft he heat and pour the cream onto the shrimp, than the cut min leafes and lemon zest. Fold everything
  • Place the spagetti on a plate in the shape of a little birds nest and pour the sauce over it. Give some lemon zest on top for decoration.

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