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Last night Albin gave a Dinner Party and invited a few friends to present us all with Surströmming, this swedish fish that smells like i just came out of hell. Some of you probably already saw those youtube videos where people need to through up after eating the fish…. Well I have to say we all tried it and no one had to throuh up. But when i locked my bike on the street in front of the apartment i could already smell something that you can only describe as old rotten eggs – but in a very aggressive way. The whole apartment smelled and we needed to open all the windows. Strangely the taste of the fish is really not as bad as the smell. ( the smell is so bad that we joked about how protesters of all sort would be very effective in cleaning a hole venue just by throwing a few of those fishes into the crowd ) You eat it on swedish bread with Butter, creme fresh, fine cut red onions, dill and cooked potatoes. Albins mother also gave us a typical swedish sweat creme called Messmör. And in the end we got rewarded for trying with a lovely cake.

I think nobody who didn`t grow up with this flavour will ever really become a fan of  Surströmming , but it`s always nice to try new things and we all had a great evening.

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