dolma1 Dolma8 Dolma7 Dolma6 Dolma5 Dolma4





400g wineleafs pre boiled ca 10 min or white cabbage leafs blanched until soft, fattest part trimmed away.

2 kg beef mince

3 onion grated

dried dill

dried basil

dried majoram

50g melted butter



Black paprika

Red paprika

1 cup water

1 cup tomatoe juice

a bit of round grain rice




Water for boiling, a couple of bay leafs, salt to taste ( not too much since the mix is salty, taste the water after 15min and then ad extra salt if needed)


Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Then shape the dolma. Its a bit like rolling a burrito, but it is closed at both ends. For the white cabbage ones only close it on one side, that being the fatter part of the leaf. Cook 40 min in just enough water to cover, until rice ready and leafs are tender. Serve hot with garlic yoghurt, rice and a raw vegetable slaw!

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