Lemon carbonara with green almonds, mint and peccorino

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My Boyfriend cooked this dish for me last weekend. He had it from Süddeutsche Zeitung and we pimped it a bit with fresh mint. In my opinion the original is great but with fresh mint instead of parsley it gets this extra special thing that makes a dish outstanding. We tried it with basil too and it`s good too. So maybe you can take whatever herb you prefer. I am definitly team fresh mint. And than we prepared it a bit diffferent by cooking the Brühe with the Lemon let it cool down a little and than added the butter with same Technique used in a “Beurre blanc” , than we added just the eggyolk and Peccorino and pourred the whole thing over the Pasta while stiring it fast till the sauce gets sticky. Than mix the fresh mint under the Spagetti and some of the green almonds that have been blanched a few inutes in the Noodle water and cut to thin slices. In the end Top the Pasta with more Mint, Cheese and green almonds. It`s just a fantastic summery Pasta dish.


Ingredients 2 persons

2 eggyolk

20g butter

200ml vegetable broth

2 whole lemons

300 g spagetti

150g blanched green almonds

1 bunch mint

50 g peccorino


black pepper

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