Matcha-white Chocolate Latte

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Some weeks ago I got a box of japanese Matcha as a gift. I love the taste of it but I do not drink so much green tea. So now I wanted to try a Matcha Creme Brule – which we will post in a few days. But than there was some rest Mix of creme. It was actually just maybe 2 teaspoons of creme but there was a lot of Matcha Powder stuck to the sides of the pot we mixed it in. So I thought it would be a waste to throw that away with the dishes and simply put one cup milk and one cup of rice milk in the pot , heated it and than added some more matcha. I also found a it of white chocolate and melted like 1/4 of a Milka white chocolate bar ( 25 g ) into the Matcha Latte. In the end I added a bit sugar till it was sweet enough for my taste. It tasted fantastic !!!


Here is the method.


1/2 milk

1/2 rice milk

Matcha Powder as strong as you like it

white chocolate



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