Cheese board with quince jelly

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We made a lovely colorful cheese board and some bouncy flavorful quince jelly to go with it. For the cheeseboard we used manchego ( classically eaten with quince jelly ) some aged brie and a lighter goats cheese.


Quince jelly

1kg Quince peeled, cored and diced with enough water to cover

1kg sugar

1 vanilla pod

zest from 1lemon



Cook the quince and the lemon zest on low heat until its very soft. Pour of the water. Pure it with a stick blender or a food processor. Put together with the sugar and the seeded vanilla pot in a deep, big pot. Cook on very low heat while stirring until it takes a deep caramel reddish color and it is very thick. You will have to stir it a lot or it will catch! And it will split a lot when it starts to thicken. So take care!! Pour in a lightly oiled tray and leave to cool down for a few hours until it is completely set!

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