Sourdough Pancakes

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100g sour dough starter

100g wholemeal flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1 egg

Pinch of salt

Splash of milk if needed


The Sour dough starter is the main thing here. This is the same starter as what you would use when making your own bread. It is really simple to make really not as complicated as it seems. Once you have it is really useful to have around.


All you have to do is put equal amounts of mixed up flour and water in a container. I prefer plastic here (Glass could in theory over time if you don’t care for it crack from the pressure of the gasses from the starter). We used an eggcup to measure. Then all you have to do is repeat the procedure once a day until you have a very bubbly, light and fluffy, fruity smelling, slightly sour in taste mix!


At this point you can place it in the fridge. The yeast fungus will the go to sleep and you will only have to feed them more flour every 5 days to keep the mix going.


Pancake mix


Fry on medium heat in a mixture of vegetable oil and butter. About 1-2 min to begin with until the pancake has started to brown and it is not too runny.


Flip over and brown the other side.


Repeat until you have a nice stack of pancakes!


These are really great for any sort of savory topping. The fluffy texture of the pancake with the savory sour notes of a good bread jus works really well. We did three different ones and they all turned out pretty awesome.


The first was creamed chanterelles with Parmesan cheese.


Second came Gravad Salmon with prawns and lemon mayonnaise..


And then lastly artichoke and hollandaise.


But you can do anything really!


Is a very versatile and fun start to any brunch or dinner!



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