Pumpkin Pizza

It`s the Pumpkin Season again like every year in Autumn. I love Pumpkin in every way imaginable. So at some point a few weeks ago I was craving Pizza and Pumkin and wasn`t sure what i wanted to eat more. So I told Albin about it and we set a date when we would make Pumpkin Pizza and try different toppings and flavors to see what combinations work best. We made a classical Pizza dough and let it rest about 90 minutes. In this time we made the Pumkin Purree / mash. Once the dough was ready we added the Pumkin Mash onto it like you normally would use the tomato sauce and made three different flavors.

  1. Classical Tomato-Mozarella-Basil
  2. green asparagus, brussels-sprouts, chilli and bacon
  3. pear, bluecheese , caramalized red onions,rosemary,babyspinach and seeds

Number three was definitly our favourite, incedibly delicious and just perfect flavours for the season. But the other two were not to bad either so I guess it depends on your personel taste.


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650g Strong white flour

7g yeast

2tsp salt

25ml olive oil

375ml luke warm water


mix all ingredients together using a dough machine or your hands. Leave in a bowl under a damp tea towel for about 1 1/2 hours until it has doubled in size. Knock the air out of the dough and divide it into about four balls. kneed them with your hands for about 5 min until you have four nice south and round balls. work each ball with ur rolling pin into a nice flat pizza looking sheet of dough.

Top of with a light pumpkin pure and whatever topping you feel like using this day. We loved it with pear and blue cheese! For the pumpkin pure we sweated off onions, celery and pumpkin. Seasoned it with slt, pepper and abit of nutmeg. Cooked it in vegetable stock until tender. Blitzed it using a stick blender until completely smooth. Don’t forget to check the seasoning!


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