Shortbread with Blueberries and Cream




Last week i baked simple Shortbread which is really super easy and fast and than had some left when i invited freinds for dinner. I am not so good when it comes to making desserts, Albin is much better with it. So I was wondering what i could do without getting my whole kitchen into chaos and all of a sudden remembered my box with selfmade shortbreads. So i simply bought some cream and Mascarpone mixed it 50% whipped cream 50% mascarpone a little bit of sugar and poured it over 2 Shortbreads per person and added some blueberries. It looked super pretty and everyone of my guests was amazed ….. 🙂

You can find shortbread recipies everywhere in the internet i used this one ( which is in german )

Its a simple shortbread with some rosemary in it.


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