Spinach Salad with pear,asparagus and blue cheese

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This was one of the best Salads I had in a long time, it`s perfect in Winter.

You need :

3 hands full of baby spinach

1/2 pear cur into thin slices

blue cheese depending on how much you like in prportion to the other ingredients

1 Shallotte onion very thin sliced

a few cocktail tomatoes

mixed seeds ( sunflower , pumpkin, pine )

about 7 sticks of green asparagus

if you want a few roasted bacon pieces

Wash the spinach , cut the tomatoes and pear and mix it all together, while you do that make a pan really hot and fry the green asparagus for a few minutes , we did cut the asparugus in half. Than if you like it you can roast a few little pieces of bacon as well and ad asparagus , bacon and seeds on top of the salad.

For the Dressing :

4 Tbsp of a neutral oil ( sunflower, Distel … )

white wine vinegar





mix all together and pour over the salad


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