hot and cold Yuzu Cheesecake Pot

On Sunday 4th December we have our first Pop-up Restaurant in Berlin at Barkin`kitchen , Glogauerstrasse 7, 12-17 Uhr. We will make Poke Poke the Hawaiian Fish Salad. BUT we were thinking in the last week that we should have a Desert as well. And somehow it needed to be connected to the whole “hawai-sashimi, exotic ” theme. After eating a lot of sweet stuff and also making some deserts that were not perfect we finally came up with something really really delicious.

The Desert we show here is not exactly what we will be serving on Sunday but it`s very close, we developed two very similiar ones and both were just to die for.


So this here is basically Cheesecake with some whipped cream, ( creamcheese and whipped cream ) mixed with some sugar and yuzu juice ( japanese citrus fruit )

Underneath we have some hot caramalized Annanas cooked in some orange juice.

And the third element is a crumbled big cookie we made with coconut and salt.

On top some Orange peel. Its great and wintery and exotic and fresh and hot and cold and slty and sweet and basically all you can ask for in a desert 🙂


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