Red Beet Hummus reddish crisps and flatbread

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For the Hummus i used the basic Hummus receipt from the Minimal Baker  as a base. It`s really super delicious i you use the liquid from the can and boil the garlic. I don`t have a microwave so I just do it in a pot.

Than i took 3 large Red beats ( depending on hw strong you want the beet flavour use more or less beets )

Cut them in pices , if they are small quarter them if the are big make 8 pieces and put them on an oven tray with some olive oil and salt and roast them for about 1 h on 180 degree.

save a few roasted pieces for the toping and use the other to blend them together with the chickpeas.

I personally like raw red beets if they are super thin sliced so i kept half beet raw and than added them on my bread to give it a fresh note.

In the end you can ad some spring onions, parsley and olive oil to the hummus and have a perfect dip.

The reddish crisps are bought in a turkish shop on Kottbusser Damm in Berlin.





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