Vegan Truffels

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As promised we now post the Vegan Dessert from our three course Menue. We made super delicious truffles with dryed fruits and nuts that have a hint of chilli and in the end get rolled in cacoa powder. So its a great mix of sweetnes, heat and bitterness. Another plus on these little sweet balls is that it tastes super interesting and special but theres not much that can go wrong while preparing them.

We got our fruit and nuts in a nice Turkish Nuts and fruits shop in the Neukölln Area of Berlin.



50 g dried strawberries

50 g dried apricots

70 g mixed nuts ( Almonds, chilli roasted cashews and peanuts )

1 tsp Coconut oil

about 20 g cacao powder

1 tbsp Agavensyrup ( if you want it to be really sweet )

We chopped it all up very fine and than mixed it with a foodprocessor ( you can also use a stickblender in case you don`t have a processor )

Try a little bit of the mix and than in case you are not 100% happy ad more of what you think is missing.

Make little balls out of the mix and than roll it in cacaopowder.



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